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Learning Italian: the courses
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ICoN - Italian Culture on the Net - is a Consortium of Italian Universities whose mission is the promotion and diffusion of Italian culture and the image of Italy worldwide, using telematic media.


What is ICoN?

What does ICoN offer?

Who can take an ICoN degree?

Conditions of admission

Amministrazione trasparente

What is ICoN?

The ICoN Consortium was set up in January 1999 in partnership with the Office of the President of the Chamber of Deputies and with the support of the Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Universities and Scientific and Technological Research. It operates in agreement with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Information on ICoN:
telephone +39 050 2212 698
fax +39 050 221 683
e-mail info@italicon.it

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What does ICoN offer?

ICoN offers its users a unique combination of services and resources, which it makes available through its teaching portal www.italicon.it:

Degree Course in Italian Culture and Language, run jointly through telematic media by the Italian Universities collectively making up the ICoN Consortium

First and second level university Master’s degrees

Italian language courses

Digital Library, Museum, Encyclopaedias, Audio and Video Galleries

Interactive community and teaching-learning services

The ICoN teaching programme is based on e-learning. It is the way of acquiring an education, which has been made possible by information technology and modern telecommunications science. This opens up the possiblity of sharing your educational experience with other students from all over the world who constitute an Internet community.

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Who can take an ICoN degree?

The Degree Course is reserved to foreign students, and Italian students provided they are resident outside of Italy. To attend the course it is indispensable to have an advanced knowledge of Italian and to be in possession of a school-leaving certificate that would allow students to attend university in Italy.

The first and second level Master’s courses offer specialist training in translation, teaching methodology, management of the cultural heritage and public and political communication.

The Italian language courses are designed for people interested in studying Italian language at a beginner's level or in improving and enhancing their knowledge of Italian at a more advanced level.

An annual subscription allows access to the complete texts of the teaching modules, the works in the Virtual Museum, all the Encyclopaedia entries and to participate in ICoN Community.

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Conditions of admission

All ICoN website visitors can register as users. Registered users can read and download all the works present in the Digital Library, consult the Audio and Video galleries and receive information about the activities of the ICoN Consortium.

An annual subscription is available for registered users, schools and universities; this allows access to the complete texts of the teaching modules, the works in the Virtual Museum and all the Encyclopaedia entries.

Three different forms of yearly subscription are available:

  • 1. individual subscription - at a cost of 160 Euro

  • 2. subscription for high schools and ICoN partners - at a cost of 700 Euro

  • 3. subscription for foreign universities - at a cost of 1100 Euro .

(Schools and Universities should kindly contact the Administrative Secretariat)

The courses in Italian Language can be accessed only by purchasers.

Students enrolled on the Degree Course have access to all the teaching/learning resources, the Community section and the forum pages. Access to the virtual classes and interaction with the tutors is reserved to students enrolled on the tutored degree course and on the Master's courses.

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Amministrazione trasparente

Dati del Consorzio

Ragione sociale: Consorzio ICoN - Italian Culture on the Net

Codice fiscale/Partita IVA: 01478280504

Anno costituzione: 1999

Durata del Consorzio: 21/01/2019


Organi e struttura operativa

Le UniversitÓ socie del Consorzio

Bandi di gara e normative

Lo Statuto del Consorzio


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