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Basic level - A1

Livello intermedio I - B1

Livello avanzato I - C1

  • Showing you how to use language in a flexible way in various different spheres of life
  • Info and free trial

Livello principiante - A2

Livello intermedio II - B2

Livello avanzato II - C2

  • To enable you to achieve a high level in Italian, comparable to native speaker knowledge
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  • E-learning effectiveness

    ICoN’s online courses are designed by experts in the teaching of Italian. All the courses have been created using techniques that allow students to benefit from the most advanced distance learning research.
  • Interactive approach

    The courses emphasize communication and interaction. All the courses share the same fundamental approach: "learning by doing".
  • Modular structure

    Each course requires approximately 130 hours of study, distributed over 6 teaching modules. Every module is subdivided into 5 units, each of which is, in turn, composed of 6 sessions. All the sessions also have a link to grammar worksheets and a word guide to expand your vocabulary.
  • Multimedial contents

    Every course is made up of about 1000 activities. Each activity is provided with an automatic correction mechanism, as well as images and texts. All the activities are also enhanced by audio and video material, which has been created with the aid of professional actors who are native speakers of Italian.
  • Personalizing your learning path

    All the courses are designed for "self-access" learning and can be utilized via the website. Access to the course is valid for 365 days starting from the date of purchase. The activities proposed in each course follow a recommended path, but you can also navigate the materials according to your own preferences and create your own route.

System Requirements

Operating Systems: MS Windows (XP and later), Linux (all versions), Mac OS X, iOS, Android.

Browser: Chrome (recommended), Opera 10 and later versions, Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and later, Mozilla Firefox 13.0 and later, Safari 4 and later.

Browser configuration: enable cookies, enable Javascript; allow pop-up windows to open.

Hardware requirements: sound card; headphones or loudspeakers.

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Tutoring services are available for all ICoN courses in Italian language and culture.
For further information, contact the Language Course Secretariat

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