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Learning Italian, the courses: Basic level - A1

Designed for your first contact with Italian. To help you understand and use the most familiar everyday expressions.

Have a go with a complete unit of the course and do the exercises!

The course has been designed by a group of professors from the University for Foreigners of Siena, coordinated by Prof. Donatella Troncarelli.

  • Module 1

    • Let me introduce myself
    • Meeting new people
    • This is my family
    • I’m looking for a place to live
    • At home
  • Module 2

    • But what time is it?
    • How do you spell that?
    • In the kitchen
    • The tiramisù tastes really great!
    • Two Espresso coffees, please!
  • Module 3

    • At the Student Services Office
    • At the post office
    • Where’s my shirt?
    • At the restaurant
    • What size do you wear?
  • Module 4

    • Day after day
    • On the phone
    • Dinner’s ready!
    • We’re going off on holiday!
    • A seaside holiday or mountain scenery?
  • Module 5

    • A trip to the shops
    • Excuse me, what’s the best way to get to...?
    • Life in the city
    • At the station
    • Enjoy your holiday!
  • Module 6

    • It’s Friday at last!
    • How d’you feel?
    • When I was little...
    • What are you doing?
    • Travel stories

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