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Learning Italian, the courses: Advanced Level I - C1

Each course for learning Italian is composed of 6 teaching/learning modules. Each module is subdivided into 5 units, and every unit is made up of 6 sessions. The sessions are enriched with grammatical and lexical fact sheets as further study aids. Overall, each course is composed of a total of about 1000 activities, with automatic correction of the exercises. All the activities are supported by a rich array of images, texts and audio/video material.

The activities that enable you to progress through the course follow a recommended line of development, but the materials can also be navigated independently.

Have a go with a complete unit of the course and do the exercises!

The course has been designed by a group of professors from the University Roma Tre, coordinated by Prof. Serena Ambroso.

  • Module 1

    • Travelling with Mario Monicelli
    • Journeys into art
    • At the dining table with a great Italian movie director
    • On a sailing boat
    • I wanted to be a male ballet dancer
  • Module 2

    • A literary case
    • The Italians and Europe
    • Animal mafias
    • Italians
    • An important birthday
  • Module 3

    • Tell me about it
    • The paradise of cashmere
    • Italian craftsmanship poised between crisis and innovation
    • A café in Bologna thatís become famous
    • E-mail: once upon a time there was
  • Module 4

    • Men who have made history
    • The professorial father figure
    • The world of great knowledge, the world of fine food
    • Fashionable Italian
    • Needle, thread and imagination
  • Module 5

    • Set another place at table!
    • On the tracks of history
    • What fun it is to ride on a Vespa!
    • Gubbio: the sacred and the profane
    • San Galgano and the sword in the rock
  • Module 6

    • Sustainable architecture
    • Minority languages
    • The donkey, the bee and... us
    • Categorized waste disposal
    • Letís build properly so as to have a better life!

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